Tel Aviv

Taste of Tel Aviv

As we entered Tapas 1 Ha’am, filming was going on in the kitchen. It wasn’t hard to know who the celebrity chef was – Jonathan Roshfeld was clad in black and wearing a bowler hat. He even welcomed us in and we were briefly interviewed in his cooking show!

Roshfeld is indeed famous in Israel […]

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Tel Aviv, the White City

I thought I was a little crazy to go back in eight months. My folks were already worried when I told them I was going Israel last Sept, 2011. To many back at home, that part of the Middle East wasn’t safe.

When I like something, I’d share it enthusiastically to people around me. I’m an […]

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I’m Back In Israel!

When I left Israel last September with a heavy heart, I thought it’s gonna be once-in-a-life-time experience and almost impossible to come back again any sooner. I was one of the five international bloggers invited to embark on OnceInALifetime2.0 trip in Israel.

Can’t believe it that I arrived in Tel Aviv last night! This time, […]

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A Night in Tel Aviv

Here is a breathtaking urban view of Tel Aviv through the window of my guest room on the 13th floor at Crowne Plaza City Center TLV. I had the room all by myself and it was one of the best stays in Israel.

Crowne Plaza City Center TLV
I like contemporary, bright and spacious hotel room […]

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Save a Child’s Heart

In cooperation with the Wolfson Medical Center, “Save a Child’s Heart” has been providing cardiac surgery and other life saving procedures for thousands of children aging from infancy to 18 years old from Africa, Asia, the Palestinian Authority and other developing countries with the finest medical care, regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, or […]

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