Restaurants in Israel

We absolutely love the food in Israel! Many thought that we would be eating lot of grilled meats in the Middle East. That’s so not true. Most of what we had were not too oily and salty, lot of salads and greens, and the ingredients are so fresh.

Israel has immigrants from all over the […]

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Bahá’í Gardens @ Haifa, Israel

Ranked as 152nd smallest in the world out of 236 countries (fyi, Singapore is #189), Israel is the holy land for three major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam since the biblical era. A country that has been the setting of religious freedom, the five officially recognized religions include the above-mentioned, Druzeism and the […]

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Once in a lifetime in Israel

“As a part of this project, I would like to offer a once in a life time opportunity for famous bloggers and influential media people, like yourself, to experience the real Israel in a ten day trip that would take place on September 11th, 2011 to the Holy Land! All expenses paid! Our […]

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