The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a must-visit (must float!) tourist hotspot when you are in Israel or Jordan. It has high concentration of salts – the saltiest sea in the world, rich in minerals with the famous Dead Sea mud. The Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on Earth in any land mass, that’s -417 […]

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The Dream Home by the Mediterranean Sea

My friend has picked this beachfront boutique hotel for her ‘future’ honeymoon. ^^ Pinchas & Gaston at Shavey Zion makes one feel like it’s a dream home facing the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea. Luxury, modern, friendly, serenity and intimacy are words that can aptly describe the atmosphere of the hotel. Indeed, it’s a hidden gem […]

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Taste of Tel Aviv

As we entered Tapas 1 Ha’am, filming was going on in the kitchen. It wasn’t hard to know who the celebrity chef was – Jonathan Roshfeld was clad in black and wearing a bowler hat. He even welcomed us in and we were briefly interviewed in his cooking show!

Roshfeld is indeed famous in Israel […]

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Jerusalem Things To Do

Lucky to have been there twice in a year! This time, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites even called and through an English translator, spoke to me. I was very surprised! The Rabbi was glad that I visited the Western Wall and gave me blessings!

Readers have been asking […]

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Israel’s Riviera of the North: Nahariya

Whilst the southernmost city of Eilat is a resort destination in the Southern Negev Desert, Nahariya is Israel’s Riviera of the North amidst serenity and relaxing surroundings.

What can we do in this charming little paradise? Eat, chill, relax and meet the wonderfully warm people of Nahariya. Here are some of the places we visited:

1) The Waterfront Promenade

Stroll […]

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Cruising the Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee region is one of the most beautiful in Israel. Also known as Kinneret, it’s located in the Jordan Rift Valley where we took a jeep tour. Did you know that the Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake in the World?

To make the best out of a visit to […]

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Israel: Jordan Valley

Part of the Jordan Rift Valley, the Jordan Valley runs from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea and borders with Jordan and the West Bank. One of the best ways to experience the scenic views of the Jordan Valley is to hop onto a Jeep tour.

Our fun-loving guide, Yishay Yechieli, took us on an exhilarating Jeep […]

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Restaurants in Israel

We absolutely love the food in Israel! Many thought that we would be eating lot of grilled meats in the Middle East. That’s so not true. Most of what we had were not too oily and salty, lot of salads and greens, and the ingredients are so fresh.

Israel has immigrants from all over the […]

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Ilana Goor Museum #Israel

Keren: We are going to meet Ilana Goor, a very famous artist and designer!

Ilana Goor
It’s not very often we get to walk side by side with a world renowned artist in her private museum, her residence. Apparently, Ilana Goor was having meal when we arrived but she still came to us with a very […]

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Tel Aviv, the White City

I thought I was a little crazy to go back in eight months. My folks were already worried when I told them I was going Israel last Sept, 2011. To many back at home, that part of the Middle East wasn’t safe.

When I like something, I’d share it enthusiastically to people around me. I’m an […]

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