I’ve a new blog theme!

It’s time for a change… I had been searching for a new template for this blog but just couldn’t find one that I like. Finally, I decided to learn to design a theme for Travelerfolio! And voila! Now you see this paper wordpress theme! Anyway, still need to fine tune on certain things… nonetheless, […]

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“Excuse me, r u…?”

While waiting for my buddy, I loitered around Bugis Junction (a shopping mall in Singapore) last Friday when I thought I saw a familiar face of a blogger. I knew he works in London and he is back in Malaysia during this period, and he will visit Singapore too. To confirm, I stalked behind […]

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The Good Thing About Blogging!

One good thing about blogging is we get to know friends from all over the world.

Yesterday, I received this lovely parcel that had flown a long way by FIRST CLASS from Honolulu to Singapore! The sender is none other than our favourite blogger – Bridge! We love visiting her blog; it’s just so original […]

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Nice Travel Photo Blogs

Not only that I like to blog about my travels, I also love to visit nice travel photo blogs too! Some of these blogs have given me new ideas and inspirations on how to improve my site. The following photo blogs featured for the day are definitely good sites that you should visit and add to your blogroll!

PhotoBlog.CheeWei.com is one of my favourite photo blogs, with awe-inspiring travel photos taken from beautiful countries such as France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain and United Kingdom. The author, Chee Wei, is equipped with good photography skill which I hope to learn, and his photo blog certainly not only contains stunning travel photos, but illustrates the wonders of photography. […]

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Doraemon’s ending

Goodness! When did Doraemon become a father?!

The first appearance of Doraemon.

Everyone who reads Doraemon knows it has no ending. However, there are also many versions that spread across the world about the last story of Doraemon. Some say Doraemon was just a dream of Nobita. Below is the best ending I have read so far, and it’s popularly spread across the web. It is very touching, worth reading. Here it goes: […]

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