The Paradise behind our resort in Austria

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The 700 years old cottage-hostel

Around 6pm, we finally reached Feldkirch at the Austria border, after crossing Liechtenstein – the smallest German speaking country in the world.

We had planned to stay a night at Feldkirch to save a day of our Eurail Pass, since it was already late evening when we arrived Austria, and headed to Innsbruck the next […]

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Innsbruck with the enchanting Alps

Early in the morning, we left for Innsbruck, a capital city of Tyrol in Western Austria, and an internationally renowned winter sports centre that hosted the Winter Olympic twice.

This is one of my favourite photos with the alps in the background.

Risking our lives while standing on the tram track just to take a nice […]

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The pretty Alpine resort in Schladming

We had booked a resort called The Alpine Club for a 7-day stay in Schladming, a small mining town in Styria. This was not the first choice resort that we wanted, but to book a timeshare resort, especially a popular one, it might need at least six months of advance booking (that’s why I […]

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Biking in the Austrian Alps

A rest and relax day for us, after days of rushing for trains and tight schedules. We rented bicycles and bought groceries at the town which is about 1.5km away from the resort located on the mountain. Getting to the town was further than it seemed to be as we had to walk along […]

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Salzburg Tour

We woke up early in the morning freezing due the cold mountain air that had crept in through the windows that we had left ajar for ventilation, we thought. Shut the windows tightly and went back to sleep. The next morning, I found yellowish powder scattered all over our clothes that we hung […]

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Meet the World Largest Ice Caves in Werfen

We embarked on an exciting journey to the world largest limestone ice caves located in Werfen – The Eisriesenwelt (German: “World of the Ice Giants”).

We met two friendly English old couple from Yorkshire. They were leaving the resort and they offered us to get into their cab to the train station. It was snowing […]

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Hallstatt, the UNESCO World Heritage Site

GOSH! We missed the train to Hallstatt and wasted almost half day! The trains changed their arrival platform but the train schedule on the notice board was not updated! We blindly waited from 12plus to 2plus for two hours. Then we realised something was wrong when no one was left waiting at the station.

In the end, we waited for another hour for the next train ride to Hallstatt. Our friend didn’t want to wait anymore and hopped on to the next arriving train to Graz. We didn’t follow him as we thought by the time we reached Graz on a 2-hour ride, it should be almost the same timing as we reached Hallstatt. We thought that was nothing much to see in Graz too.

We didn’t take the direct train to Hallstatt. We went to Bad Aussee first to enjoy the beautiful scenic ride.

To get the Hallstatt, we took a ferry ride from Hallstatt train station. It was a short ride across the opposite side of the lake to the “Cuckoo Clocks” town. It is called that way as the houses at the bank are pretty and look like cuckoo clocks. There are many salt mines and ice caves in Hallstatt. In fact, it has the oldest salt mine in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for Cultural Heritage.

We were late when we reached Hallstatt, thus, didn’t join the salt mine tour. The bone house next to the Catholic Church was closed for the day too. In fact, many sites had closed for the day by the time we reached there. It took us half a day to arrive at Hallstatt, but the small town can be easily toured on foot in less than thirty minutes. […]

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Vienna, the city of music

We took a direct train to Vienna (Wien), the capital of Austria and reached Vienna after a few hours of train ride from Prague. We checked in to Hotel Praterstern – the BEST hotel that we had stayed throughout the trip in Europe!! Anyway, it had to be the best, as it is literally […]

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Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

We visited Schönbrunn Palace, the best palace we had seen in Austria so far. Its surrounding buildings and the huge park is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Austria. The palace served as summer residence to various Habsburg rulers.

Schönbrunn Palace is so big that part of it is a […]

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