Spain (Day 7, 8): Madrid

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continued from Spain (Day 6): Segovia

The final leg of our trip was to Madrid, the capital and largest city of Spain.

Starting off from Plaza Mayor, the central plaza in the city of Madrid today. It was built during Philip III’s reign (1598–1621).

The plaza is bustling with life. Buskers are entertaining, as usual, and tourists stroll […]

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Spain (Day 6): Segovia

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continuing from Spain (Day 5): Salamanca

Segovia is arguably one of the places to visit for your bucket list. In 1985, the old city of Segovia and the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Upon arrival to the city, I have no doubt why Segovia should be fiercely preserved […]

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Spain (Day 5): Salamanca

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continued from Spain (Day 4): Avila

Salamanca is a beautiful city with well preserved historical and monumental legacy. The ancient beauty remains alive in many ways today that it is a living city with many stories to tell. It is recommended to spend at least a day out in Salamanca […]

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Spain (Day 4): Avila

Words & photos by Kelly Khong

Continued from Spain (Day 3): Toledo

Avila is often known as the ‘Town of Stones and Saints’ and was declared as a world Heritage site by UNESCO in 1985. Its cultural heritage is a reflection of history, architecture, people and landscape. Las Murallas, the Walls of Avila, are the unique feature […]

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Spain (Day 3): Toledo

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continued from Alcalá de Henares

Toledo is the next destination, about an hour’s drive from Madrid City. Breathtaking views greeted us on our way to Hotel Dominico, because the historic fortress built on high ground simply looked like an enchanted fairytale from childhood storybooks. Yes, Toledo is a popular tourist […]

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Spain (Day 1 & 2): Alcalá de Henares

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Hola como estas! What makes you think “Spain”? Flamenco dancers, bullfights, tapas, soccer, Don Quixote or paella?

My journey to Spain explored more than the usual must-sees: the world heritage cities around Madrid, the capital of Spain, proved that Spain is a land of bountiful natural beauties and colorful legacies.

Thanks […]

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The Lock with QR code

Where did you leave your heart?

Many are attached to the Pont des Arts. I mean the love padlocks. Names and undying love messages are engraved on the padlocks before the sweethearts lock them to the railings and throw the keys into the Seine River below the bridge.

Here is a big heart with QR code, […]

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The Netherlands in Spring

It was our first visit to the Netherlands and what struck us most were the picturesque canal houses, windmills and tulip fields that you shouldn’t miss while touring that part of Europe in April/May.

On the 3-week Europe trip, we travelled from London to Paris by Eurostar, Paris to Amsterdam by Thalys high-speed train with […]

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Back in Paris!

The next leg of the 3-week Europe trip was to Paris. From London, we took Eurostar’s high-speed train straight into the city centre of Paris. The rail journey only took about 2.5-hour to arrive at Gare du Nord, one of the busiest railway stations in Europe that serves connections from Paris to Northern France […]

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Rail Travel in Europe with Eurail

It’s been a while since the UK trip in 2010. Sharon is really nice – she invited us to bunk in at her new apartment in London early this year, so we decided to go Europe for three weeks in April. We’ve known each other through this blog for years!

Back in 2010, we only […]

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