The day before my bro’s wedding

I’m now in Putian in eastern Fujian province, China. My brother is getting married tomorrow! I’m really excited as it is our family’s big day and the first time I’m attending traditional wedding ceremony in China. My pretty sis-in-law is from Putian. We’ve been feasting since we arrived at her house – an attraction […]

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Avatar Floating Peaks

Photos contributed by my friend, Laytin.

It has been in the news. Avatar claims the highest glossing movie of all time. The floating mountains in the 3-D epic movie are said to have been inspired by the craggy sandstone peaks located within Wulingyuan Scenic Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China.

Not […]

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Latest: Jiuzhaigou & Northern Sichuan Re-opening

Update (4 Sept 08): Sigh… I just heard from news that according to the Chinese authority, there may be earthquake that measures at a Richter scale of 7 to 8 at Qing Zhang Plateau. I think we better do our homework first before planning for any trip to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan.

Hi Folks! Remember the devastating Sichuan earthquake three months ago? Got the LATEST UPDATE (via email) of Sichuan tourism from the Tourism and Marketing Advisor, Kieran Fitzgerald of Jiuzhaigou National Park.

After the May 12th Earthquake much of Sichuan was closed to organised tour groups. It was officially re-opened at the beginning of last month. […]

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Beijing Olympic 2008 Closing Ceremony

The 29th Beijing Olympic 2008 has finally come to an end on 24 August. It’s yet another astounding ceremony with amazing performances and countless fireworks bursting into the skies!

Riders on illuminated wheels.

Two humongous drums suspending in the air, each with a drummer. […]

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Beijing Olympic – Singapore Table Tennis Women’s Team Videos

Latest Updates on Table Tennis Women’s Singles Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals Matches:
China’s Zhang Yining Vs China’s Wang Nan – World no. 1 Zhang Yining won the Gold Medal Match against World no. 3 Wang Nan. It’s a match of the best against the best.

Singapore’s Li Jia wei (World no. 6) lost 2-4 against China’s Guo Yue (World no. 2), after a tough battle and fightback. Gone is Singapore’s hope for another Bronze medal. Nonetheless, Jia wei did well. Kudos!

After 20 years since the Olympic Games in Seoul, this is the first time China grabbed all three medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze for Table Tennis Women’s Singles in Beijing Olympic 2008. […]

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Beijing Olympic 2008 Table Tennis Results

21 August 2008 Latest Update on Table Tennis Women’s Singles: Li Jiawei and Feng TienWei are into the Quarter Finals! =)

17 August 2008: Singapore Table Tennis Women’s Team has finally won a Silver medal in Beijing Olympic Games 2008, after 48 years of dry medal drought!

Beijing Olympic 2008 Table Tennis Women’s Team Results:

Gold: China
The superb China team won 3-0 against the Singapore Women’s team.

Silver: Singapore

Bronze: South Korea
South Korea won 3-0 against Japan.

And, CONGRATULATION to our neighbour – Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei – for grabbing a Silver medal in Badminton Men’s Singles in Beijing Olympic 2008! Malaysia Boleh! Coincidentally, both Singapore and Malaysia each has a Silver medal on the same day, really good kawan! =) […]

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Team Singapore is into Beijing Olympic 2008 Table Tennis Final!!

There are some negative criticisms saying that these girls are China-born Singaporeans, they play for Singapore for the $$ sign, so nothing to be proud of if they get a medal for Singapore, after 48 years of dry medal drought. A silver medal means S$750,000 for Singapore Table Tennis Women’s Team. What do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box.
15 August 08: Singapore Table Tennis Women’s Team is into Beijing Olympic 2008 Table Tennis Final! Yahoooo!!! The girls fought very hard against the mighty South Korean Team, won 2 single and 1 double out of 5 matches and they made it! Salute!

The Women’s team (from left): Fang Tianwei, Wang Yuegu, Li Jiawei

Photos from: […]

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Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2008

Are you watching the Summer Games now? Did you watch the grand opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games? It’s simply extraordinary; even though I watched the ceremony on TV, I’d say it’s AMAZING!

Thankfully, there are huge collections of fabulous photos taken from the “Bird’s Nest” stadium last night, some are so fascinating that I wanted to post them here to share with everyone!

The “Historical Footprints” fireworks were awesome! We didn’t expect anything like this. The “Footprints” started the first scene over Yongdingmen, southernmost of Beijing city’s central axis, creating a 300 metres long footprint. (In my previous post, I mentioned about the north-south Imperial Axis.) […]

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Beijing Olympic Games 08.08.08 @08:08 pm

Welcome to Travelerfolio! This special post is set to be published on 08.08.08 at 08:08 pm! Did you notice something? 08:08 pm is also 20:08, which is the year 2008 ! Be the first to comment now! All are welcome to post as many comments as you like!

When you are reading this post, you are either still watching or just finished watching the much anticipated grand opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games which also starts on the same day at the same time this post is published, that is at an auspicious time at 08:08pm!

Some interesting facts/stories about Beijing Olympic Games:

Beijing 2008, the Games of the XXIX Olympiad

“One World, One Dream ~ 同一个世界同一个梦想”

This Olympic Emblem known as the “Dancing Beijing”, is a Chinese Seal with the character “京” (pronounced as “Jing”) engraved for the Olympic Movement by China, a country that the largest population in the world, with 1.3 billion people from 56 ethnic groups. “京” | “Jing” is the latter of the great ancient capital of China – “北京” | “Beijing”. You will notice that the “Dancing Beijing” has open arms, a gesture to welcome the world to join the Olympics.

The “Bird’s Nest” is China’s new National Stadium that will serve as the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games will be held in it too. It is considered as the most unusual and beautiful stadium in Olympic history. […]

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The Jiuzhaigou Therapy II

Hi Friends! This is one of the 3 posts that is submitted for the nomination of Best Photo Blog category by OMY Singapore Blog Awards. I must hereby THANK the panel of judges from OMY’s editorial team for selecting as one of the top ten finalists in the Photo Blog category.

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Jiuzhaigou is best known for its splendid multi-level waterfalls and the brilliantly coloured lakes. When the guide told us the Tibetans affectionately call the Jiuzhaigou lakes as “Hai zi”, we thought it was “孩子” or “children”. The correct one is “海子”, which means “sons of sea”.

Nuorilang waterfall / 諾日朗瀑布 – reportedly the widest highland waterfall in China. Glaciers are still seen at the waterfall in March.


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