My Top 5 Favourite Mountains!

Some folks have been asking me why I didn’t state some (their favourite) cities in my previous Top 5 Favourite cities. Now, that’s because I have not been to those cities yet! =) Don’t worry, if I get a chance to visit those of your favourite cities, I might create another Top 6, Top 8 and even Top 10 list again! =)

Due to “overwhelming” response to my Top List, here is another one – My Top 5 Favourite Mountains that I had visited!. What are yours?
1★Mt. Titlis, Switzerland★
Mt. Titlis is in the Urner Alps of Switzerland, standing at 3,238 metres. We had enjoyed ourselves very much at the snowy mountain! Beautiful snowflakes drifting on the breath of the breeze while we were joyfully playing with snow. It was spring in May; this glacier paradise offers snow and ice even in summer!


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My Top 5 Favourite Cities Traveled

Below are the Top 5 favourite cities that I have visited. Each city now becomes a collection of my treasured photos that elicit fond memories. What are your favourite cities? Share with us here!
1★ Paris, France ★
Eiffel Tower – the most visited paid monument in the world – was once an eyesore to many when it was built. The objective of the project was to demonstrate the capabilities of modern steel engineering at Paris 1889 world exhibition, and originally had no use at all! A novelist supposedly ate lunch at the Tower’s restaurant every day as he claimed that it was the only place in Paris where he couldn’t see the Tower! This stunning view was taken on Eiffel Tower.


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HCMC (Saigon) Travel Tips!

Below are some travel tips and advices given by the locals and experiences gained during my trip in Ho Chi Minh City or HCMC (abbrev.), aka Saigon, in Vietnam. As I did not travel much around HCMC, please feel free to contribute your tips in the comment box here, so that I can add […]

15 Tips to follow for an overseas trip!

These are so-called “Travel Tips” that I will usually follow obediently, with real life experiences that the unlucky ones encountered during their overseas trips, including me!

Travel Insurance
It’s so convenient to buy a Travel Insurance, even one day before departure as your agent can buy it online and email you the policy document […]

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