Vote For Your Favourite Photo~Last Day!

Congratulations to the five participants who qualify for the vote rally! The one with the most votes at the end of the rally wins the LG-GD900 Crystal phone sponsored by LG.

Voting ends on 19 June ’09 at 2359hr (GMT +8).

Entry 1 – Water Fountain

Entry 2 – Absolut Vodka

Entry 3 – On the Rock

In the […]

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Photo submission for the contest has ended

Firstly, we would like to thank all the participants who sent in their best shots to “Win the World’s First Transparent Phone @Travelerfolio” contest. It’s really tough to pick the best 5 out of so many beautiful entries! So please don’t get disappointed if your entry is not in the top 5. We hope […]

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Win the World’s First Transparent Phone @TravelerFolio!~Deadline Extended: 12 Jun @2pm

What’s transparent, dazzling and is a modern necessity?

I guess you can’t think of any until you’ve seen the LG-GD900 Crystal, the world’s first transparent design phone! Most probably you don’t know much about this stylish handset, simply because the LG-GD900 has not released yet. Only the lucky ones who attended the Mobile World Congress on Feb 2009 in Barcelona, Spain got a glimpse of this crystal, glass-like phone.

LG-GD900 Crystal is not only a fascinating handset that takes design to a whole new level; it’s jam-packed with the highest level of technical features expected in a premium calibre handset.

When the phone slides opened, it reveals a see-through tempered glass keypad that illuminates a cool glow, […]

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The Good Thing About Blogging!

One good thing about blogging is we get to know friends from all over the world.

Yesterday, I received this lovely parcel that had flown a long way by FIRST CLASS from Honolulu to Singapore! The sender is none other than our favourite blogger – Bridge! We love visiting her blog; it’s just so original […]

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I Love my Trophy!

To all my Voters and Readers: Thank you very much for your wonderful support for TravelerFolio! We won the Best Photo Blog Award from OMY Singapore Blog Awards!

Now sit back and relax, and follow me through the whole event!

The inaugural Singapore Blog Awards ceremony was held on 5 Sept 08 at the Asian Civilisations Museum that is facing the breathtaking view of the Singapore River. At the opposite bank lies tall commercial buildings that loom over the row of rustic shophouses.

Another nice view – The Cavenagh Bridge, the only suspension bridge and one of the oldest bridges in Singapore, spanning across the Singapore River.

Here is the Asian Civilisations Museum… […]

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Latest: Jiuzhaigou & Northern Sichuan Re-opening

Update (4 Sept 08): Sigh… I just heard from news that according to the Chinese authority, there may be earthquake that measures at a Richter scale of 7 to 8 at Qing Zhang Plateau. I think we better do our homework first before planning for any trip to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan.

Hi Folks! Remember the devastating Sichuan earthquake three months ago? Got the LATEST UPDATE (via email) of Sichuan tourism from the Tourism and Marketing Advisor, Kieran Fitzgerald of Jiuzhaigou National Park.

After the May 12th Earthquake much of Sichuan was closed to organised tour groups. It was officially re-opened at the beginning of last month. […]

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Disney of the World

Do you love watching Disney cartoons? Have you been to any Disney theme parks before? Children love Disneyland and adults simply love to re-live their childhood dreams… Disneyland is the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Below is a list of Disney resorts around the world in Paris-France, Tokyo-Japan, Hong Kong-China, Orlando-Florida and Anaheim-California.

I have only been to Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, and it is the most visited and largest recreational resort in the world. Taken this photo with Cinderella Castle in the background during July 2007. Other Disney resorts around the world may have Sleeping Beauty Castle instead of Cinderella Castle.


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Nice Travel Photo Blogs

Not only that I like to blog about my travels, I also love to visit nice travel photo blogs too! Some of these blogs have given me new ideas and inspirations on how to improve my site. The following photo blogs featured for the day are definitely good sites that you should visit and add to your blogroll! is one of my favourite photo blogs, with awe-inspiring travel photos taken from beautiful countries such as France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain and United Kingdom. The author, Chee Wei, is equipped with good photography skill which I hope to learn, and his photo blog certainly not only contains stunning travel photos, but illustrates the wonders of photography. […]

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A Big Thank U for Ur Support! | OMY Blog Awards Contest

THANK YOU my dear supporters, for visiting and casting your precious votes on me!

First, I want to Thank the following friends who go the extra miles by placing my Vote Button on their blogs and run the contest with me! Please visit their blogs, it’s definitely worth your time! (Omy S’pore Blog Awards contest ends on 31 July)

And not forgetting the rest of my dear friends who have been voting for me everyday –
A big THANK YOU! […]

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A Big Thank U for Ur Support! | OMY Blog Awards Contest

Voting finally ended, after rallying for votes for the whole month of July. Results will be announced at award presentation ceremony on 5 Sept 08. Whether I make it or not, I definitely owe you the result for S’PORE Blog Awards Contest! I will publish the result when the day comes! Thank you for your patience in casting your precious votes on me so regularly!


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