Day 2 – Off to Mt Wellington & Jet Boating!

Hobart is not just a city with a beautiful waterfront. In just about 10 mins drive out of the city, you feel like you are in the wilderness on the way to the summit of Mount Wellington. The drive is a distance of 21 km from the heart of the city, climbing from temperate […]

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Welcome to Tasmania!

When it comes to planning for a holiday trip in Australia, many of my friends tend to choose cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland, especially it’s their first trip to Australia. Like me, I visited Perth and other parts of Western Australia some years ago. So, just going to Tasmania sounds devilishly exotic […]

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Departing for Tasmania

We are waiting for our Qantas Airways flight at Singapore Changi Int’l Airport Terminal 1. It’s a 7-hr flight to Melbourne first and transit to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, which is just an hour’s flight away from Melbourne.
Can’t wait to embrace the island of inspiration!

Our baggage for check-in: a luggage and a team […]

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Preparing For Tasmania

How do you prepare for an overseas trip? Any useful travel tips for Tasmania?

The first thing that comes across my mind is the weather in Tasmania. As you know, Singapore is  tropical so we don’t experience clear-cut seasons like spring, autumn and winter. Some even jokingly say that Singapore only has three seasons: hot, […]

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Are you game for a Devilishly Tasmania Challenge?

I’m going to Tasmania on 19 Jan!

Thank you for all your useful recommendations for my itinerary planning and please continue to leave any good suggestions on places to visit and things to do that is unique to Tasmania in the comment box by 18 Jan’10. The top 3 recommendations will be rewarded with awesome Tasmanian […]

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Do you know there’s such a paradise?

It has the best and cleanest air in the world.

It has one of the world’s last true wilderness regions which harbours unique fauna and flora, landscapes and cultural heritage.

It is home to some of the world’s tallest and oldest trees.

Its iconic animal can perform that amazing whirlwind spin like a tornado…no no that’s Taz […]

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