Lavender-liciously Done

Let’s embark on a “visual therapy” and calm the senses with lavender! One of the things to do in Tasmania is to check out the lovely spikes of lavender flowers blooming everywhere in gardens and fields.

You eat lavender, drink lavender, smell lavender, apply lavender… but do you know there are many species of lavender […]

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Cataract Gorge Reserve Video

Tassie Day 8: Launceston Cataract Gorge Reserve

The magnificent Cataract Gorge Reserve is just 15 mins’ walk from the city centre of Launceston. Get a bird’s eye view of the Cataract Gorge from the Chairlift and watch the peacocks parading!

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Videos of Tassie Day 7

Tassie Day 7: World’s cleanest air!

Breathe in some of the World’s cleanest air at Cape Grim! To harness the power of the Roaring Forties, the 62 giant white turbines at Woolnorth Wind Farm are built to transform the moving energy of wind into electricity for the island.

View of the gorgeously rugged west coast with […]

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Videos of Tassie Day 6

Tassie Day 6: Scenic Stanley

Our self-drive trip on Day 6 brought us to the far north west of Tasmania, one of the most pristine regions in the world. The Nut, an iconic feature of Stanley, is the remains of an old volcanic plug. Choose the walking track for a 20 min hike up 150 […]

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Cradle Mountain Video

Video of Tassie Day 5: Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is Tasmania’s natural icon. The World Heritage Area is home to an abundance of native wildlife and a popular way to see the nocturnal animals actively foraging for food at night is to embark on an evening wildlife spotlight tour. Check out the wombat and pademelon […]

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Videos of Tassie Day 2 & 3

Video of Tassie Day 2: Huon River Jet Boating:

Come jet boating with us! Let’s go on an exhilarating ride up the gentle rapids of the Huon River, one of the most scenic rivers in Tasmania! The lovely water reflections on the river seemingly turn the river surface into a big piece of mirror, reflecting […]

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You CAN GO Tasmania

Contest Ended on 23 February 2010

Here is a golden opportunity to WIN a 6 days / 4 nights Tasmania self-drive journey! I’ve set 8 very-very-very EASY questions related to my Tassie trip and if you can answer them all correctly, you stand a chance to embark on your own self-drive journey to Tasmania by […]

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Day 8 – TA TA TAssie!

Located in the north of Tasmania, Launceston is the second largest city after Hobart in Tasmania. If you think that the city is yet another commercial hub with modern buildings and shopping malls, you probably aren’t aware that the magnificent Cataract Gorge Reserve is just 15 mins’ walk from the city centre!

I couldn’t think […]

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Day 8 – Last Day in Tasmania

Sometimes, photos and words really can’t do justice to this little slice of incredible Gondwana. From heavenly Hobart to craggy Cradle, rolling past enchanting ancient forests and lush green fields to face the mighty Roaring Forties at the Edge of the World, it’s almost time to bid farewell to the gloriously unspoilt Tasmania.

And I […]

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Day 7 – Take Me to The Edge of the World!

With an expansive wilderness area of 447,000 hectare, Tarkine is Tasmania’s largest tract of wilderness and one of the most important remaining tracts of temperate rainforest on earth. A habitat to more than 60 rare and endangered species, Tarkine is also a significant archaeological region that contains one of the greatest concentrations of Aboriginal […]

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