My friend has picked this beachfront boutique hotel for her ‘future’ honeymoon. ^^ Pinchas & Gaston at Shavey Zion makes one feel like it’s a dream home facing the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea. Luxury, modern, friendly, serenity and intimacy are words that can aptly describe the atmosphere of the hotel. Indeed, it’s a hidden gem tucked in between the historic city of Akkor (Acre) and Nahariya in northern Israel. You can catch the gorgeous sunset at the sea horizon on this part of the world.

Our spacious room to snuggle in for two nights is well-appointed with modern amenities, featuring a squarish bathtub that looks like a humongous ornamental bowl! A side door opens up to the patio where hotel guests can relax on sofas and embrace the sea breeze.

The patio right outside our room.

Keren posed for a sunset shot on one of the big sofas at the patio.

Sunset at the Mediterranean Sea.

The heated swimming pool and lovely sitting areas at the lawn overlooking the beach.

Harmonious shades of blue and green, a breathtaking view at the hotel lawn area.

At the cosy dining room on the ground floor, our sumptuous dinner was thoughtfully prepared by the chef that night. The chatty waiter dished out a delicious spread of grilled chicken, beef, grilled pumpkin, salad, sweets and desserts on the large dinner table where only four of us were seated, casually dressed like we were having fine dining at home.

The dining area and common room.

photo credit: Pinchas & Gaston

Pinchas & Gaston is a delightful hideaway from city’s hustle and bustle. More information on the hotel at

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