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Floods and landslides hit Penang on our second-day stay over the Hari Raya week. The downpour was the “echo” from the tropical storm in Vietnam. The sun was hidden behind the thick rainclouds. The sky was gloomy and it rained cats and dogs whole day. It was a bad time for travellers like us.

Boring boring boring!!! zzzz On the first day of the “echo”, the weather was so stormy that I thought it was dangerous to drive!

Fortunately, the weather turned better with only intermittent rain and occasional drizzle on the third day of our stay. The three men featured in the signboard are Malaysia opposition leaders. The third man from the left is Anwar Ibrahim, who says that he can overtake the Malaysia government. ^^

Driving along the sea side. The tide was very high, almost reaching the road level. I wonder if this road has ever flooded. In 2004, Penang suffered the highest number of fatalities in Malaysia from the deadly Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Kek Lok Si (means “Temple of Supreme Bliss”) is reputedly the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. The finely-crafted temple is staggered on the hillside overlooking Air Itam. We walked up the hill to Kek Lok Si many years ago. The temple is really beautiful. From far, we could see scaffolding around Kek Lok Si. Apparently, it is under refurbishment now.

“Winning is about think one step ahead.” I still wonder what does that got to do with the two “children” hanging on the advertisement signboard.

“Bank on us to see beyond.” So it’s all about that? Cute. Hope the “children” don’t fall onto the road. @_@

If every driver could smile like him, I guess there would be fewer impatient drivers around. ^^

I must speak first. I think it looks fake but I didn’t paste the statue of Liberty into the photo! And I don’t know why the roof has traces of blue on it. Spotted this mini version of the Liberty at Pinang Fisherman Wharf restaurant along the seaside. She is cool! So, not only France and the U.S have it; Penang has The Liberty too!! XD

The shower stopped in the evening. By the time we reached Batu Ferringhi, the sun was going down. Beautiful sunset view. Batu Ferringhi has the most famous stretch of beach in Penang. There are many hotels and resorts and even condomiums built in this touristy area, overlooking the sea from the hilltop.

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