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Having not enough “FEEL” of mountains yet after the James Bond Mt trip, we went up to Mt Titlis, while our friend took the free cruise ride using the Swiss Pass. Going Mt Titlis from Interlaken took us half a day long but scenic train ride. It was never boring taking train rides in Switzerland, when beautiful scenes flashed across the window in every turn and bend.

By the time we reached Mt Titlis, it was around 12pm. We took a cable car up along the fabulous mountain slopes.

We had enjoyed ourselves very much at Mt Titlis! Beautiful snowflake drifting on the breath of the breeze while we were joyfully playing with snow. Soon, the snowfall became heavier and many visitors took shelter in the visitor centre. We had no idea when the heavy snowfall would stop; we lumbered our way in the heavy snowfall with very low visibility to the nearby glacier cave.

I had never seen ice so thick like those in the glacier cave. We were like frozen meat in a huge freezer.

We walked carefully through a lonely tunnel in the cave, and at that point, we were 45m under rock and ice. I was already very careful with my steps, but I still fell quite hard onto the floor as it was very slippery with ice.

Once out of the glacier cave, we rode the Ice Flyer chairlift to the Titlis Glacier Park.

This huge rock made me felt that I was inside the Chinese martial arts movie, where the highly skilled swordsmen duelled around the rock…

We had a fun time sliding down a specially prepared run on large tyres. Everything was free.

The ascent back to the top of the runway was quite effortless with the Magic Carpet mowing walkway.

The spectacular views of the mountain range! A moment ago, we were admiring the snow-capped mountains at the valley; then we were above the enchanting snow-capped mountains! We were at about 3020m above sea level, with the best mountain view we have ever seen.

Wanted to create a mini snowman but it turned out to appear more like a snow duck!

We were miserably cold when gust of cold mountain wind s blew us, and our light shoes were wet on the thick snow. We also experienced altitude sickness: I felt pressure on my nose bridge and Jacky had a bad headache. We wanted to go Lucern but due to tight train schedule, we had to give it a miss.

Descending Mt. Titlis, with yet another awesome mountainous view.

On our way back in a cable car, an English tourist had a small talk with us. He asked where we came from. When we replied “Singapore”, he stared at us with his eyes popping out and exclaimed “SAA-ARRRS”! (SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.) From that day onward, whoever asked where we came from, we would not say anything; if they thought we were Japanese, we just agreed with them!

The sky had turned dark, seemingly with a storm approaching soon.

Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps!