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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Today is the eighth day of the Spring festival. I am back to Singapore! Want some chocolates wrapped in gold foil?

How about some chocolates wrapped in Euro dollars? Or playing cards with chocolates?

Buns that symbolize longevity.

Koi “nian gao”, a sticky rice pudding cake which is said to make people “advance toward higher positions and prosperity step by step (年年步步高升).

Chinese sausages () that are already wrapped up nicely for sales.

Hey! More cookies, they all look similar, but they taste differently and are more expensive than normal days.

Do you see fire crackers, gold ingots hanging around?

Lots of candies for you to choose, and these are treats for visitors during Chinese New Year home visits.

Nicely wrapped candies, children love them!

More CNY pictures coming up soon… 2009 is the year of Ox. Have an “Ox-spicious” New Year!