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This is an interesting temple where my Hangzhou friend told me he and his school mates would go there to pray before they sat for his exams and his prayers were answered… Lingyin Temple is located in Hangzhou (杭州), Zhejiang province and is one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China. It was founded in 328 AD during the Eastern Jin (晋) Dynasty.

A famous figure that we know of from Hong Kong and China drama series was a Buddhist monk called Daoji (济公), who was known for his eccentric behaviour yet with a kind heart for helping people. Unlike traditional monks, he ate meat and drank wine. The monks were fed up with his behaviour and expelled him from the monastery. From then, he roamed the streets and helped needy people.

Stone carvings at Feilai Feng, translated as “Flying Peak”; also a passing point for the pilgrims of the “Journey to the West” (西遊記) - one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literatures.

This is the largest stone pagoda called Ligong Pagoda (理公塔). It houses the ashes of Huili, the Indian monk who founded Lingyin. Some trees around here are hundreds of years old.

The Hall of Five Hundred Arhats (五百罗汉堂).

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