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How often do you get to see so many colours in your food? Wee Lai shares her experience on eating fresh flowers… Yes! Fresh flowers with ants still crawling on them:

I had tremendous excitement before trying such dish in Sangoo Herb land. Yet, no preservatives, no food dyes, just plain’o creation of Mother Nature!

As you can see, flowers are part of the ingredients in this Korea cuisine – Flower Bibimbap, added for taste and decorations. Before eating, stir and mix the bowl, so as to allow the fragrance of ingredients to compliment each other. I was very reluctant though, feeling that I shouldn’t have messed up with such beautiful creation! Inevitably, hunger took over – the aftermath of mixing had resulted in this delicacy to resemble scrambles of leftover food!

I attempted to chew the flower petals slowly and deliberately, there was no taste of nectar of course, and I even spotted an ant crawling feebly on the petal in my bowl. Despite so, freshness surely filled my mouth. I would recommended anyone to try out flower bibimbap for outdoor dinning and let the warm sun in Korea accompany you while enjoying this delicacy.

Contributor: Wee Lai :)

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