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We stopped over at the lake side to answer nature’s call. The toilets have no doors but with very low raised walls to divide into a few cubicles; no flush, dark, and so basically you do your business over a drainage while holding your breathe. Well, I had to temporarily shut off my brain processor so that I won’t think too much, took a deep breathe just before I stepped into the toilet, hold my breathe until I finished my business and moved out quickly, but CAREFULLY. You won’t want to slip and fall flat on the filthy toilet floor!!!

This is a very picturesque view; it’s breathtaking, but with a tragic past. This place was once a village, but during an earthquake, thousands of lives were claimed, with most fell into the lake.

Don’t get too excited by the nice long horns of the bulls. They are fake! After we took the photos with them at a small fee, we saw these wonderful creatures resting at the roadside, without their artificial horns!

I didn’t take a photo of those without the fake horns, and not sure if these horns are fake too. Nevertheless, they are cool…

A memorial Park in Sichuan