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November 25, 2007

The Jiuzhaigou Therapy I

China / Sichuan

The Jiuzhaigou Valley, with rich forest resources, has more than 10,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic metre of air and can be as high as 80,000. In Beijing, on the other hand, has only 1,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic metre of air on a good quality air day. We were told that it’s the waterfalls that produce so much negative ions. So folks, breath in deeply when you are in the valley!

Tiger Lake - sounds “aggressive” yet is a peaceful and tranquil lake above Shuzheng waterfall, which makes a huge sound like the roars of a tiger, with its violence contained in silence…

Arrow Bamboo Lake / 箭竹海 – a shallow lake with only six metres depth.

More photos at The Jiuzhaigou Therapy II

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