Update (4 Sept 08): Sigh… I just heard from news that according to the Chinese authority, there may be earthquake that measures at a Richter scale of 7 to 8 at Qing Zhang Plateau. I think we better do our homework first before planning for any trip to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan.

Hi Folks! Remember the devastating Sichuan earthquake three months ago? Got the LATEST UPDATE (via email) of Sichuan tourism from the Tourism and Marketing Advisor, Kieran Fitzgerald of Jiuzhaigou National Park.

After the May 12th Earthquake much of Sichuan was closed to organised tour groups. It was officially re-opened at the beginning of last month.

Although Jiuzhaigou or Huanglong National Parks in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of northern Sichuan did not experience any significant damage as a result of the May 12th earthquake, the national government restricted access to organised tourism to most of the northern Sichuan region. During this time Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Parks continued to welcome tourists that travelled independently.

On 6th of August, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau along with the Aba Prefecture government and the Jiuzhaigou Administration officially re-opened the region to all tourists and travel agencies during a celebration of Tibetan and Qiang cultural performances at Jiuzhaigou National Park.

For some reason, there has been a lot of false information circulating about the conditions in the Jiuzhaigou region, some of this has even come from travel agents. This information has had further negative affects on tourism and the Sichuan people. This region is safe for tourists and the Sichuan people are now focused on the need to recover tourism.

Should you require any information or clarification on Jiuzhaigou or the Aba region or photos please contact us here at the Jiuzhaigou Administration.

Please keep an eye on our new website for more information:

(Edited for) Kieran Fitzgerald, Sustainable Tourism and Marketing Advisor,
Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan, China

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