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There is no need to understand how the train network operates. But if you can, that’s a plus. Most importantly, is knowing how to use it.

A correct exit will be a correct entrance to where you wanna be. A train station is like a bus stop; you may need to walk from one bus stop to another nearby bus stop for a transfer. Similarly, in train network, walking from one station to another requires the use of an correct exit from the initial train station.

In Japan, it is a common phenomenon to determine the options to shortest paths by the use of mobile phone with GPRS capability. Unlike the train network in Singapore, simply naming the train lines in Japan as North, South, East and West ain’t just applicable as there are ten to twenty times more lines.

Buses operate in a way that you enter by the back door and exit at the front door where the payment is then made. There is no issuance of bus ticket at all.

Train ticket vending machine.

At the train station platform.

A kiosk selling snack, magazines, newspapers, etc in the train station.

The vending machines in Japan are just so colourful and attractive.

Convenience Store

In Japan, convenience stores are just a bus-stop distance apart. If you were to count on them for direction, you will never get it right.

This is interesting. What you can find in Japan’s convenience store is a corner which marks “18 and above”. That’s where you can look out for the exclusive comics and magazines – your eye candies!

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