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The Luxury Collection of ITC hotels presents extraordinary hotels and resorts with classic qualities, a gathering of legends. ITC Maurya is part of the Luxury Collection that received several awards including Today’s Traveller Award 2010 for Best Luxury Metro Hotel.

Conveniently located in the heart of Delhi, the capital city of India, ITC Maurya echoes the splendour of the Mauryan Dynasty that ruled one of the world’s largest empire of its time back in the 3rd century BC. Be awestruck as you enter the opulent architecture that reflects the style of a Buddhist Stupa. The central lobby is themed like a Buddhist hall of worship with strikingly colourful murals depicting ‘The Procession of Life‘ – the continuous procession of life without a beginning or an end, that took 3 years to complete by the distinguished artist, Krishen Khanna.

The Lobby

A flagship hotel of ITC-Welcomgroup, ITC Maurya has been hosting  Heads of States and discerning travellers from across the globe. Within the grand edifice are 44 exquisite suites and 442 rooms including ITC One and The Towers that present the ‘hotel within hotel’ concept for exclusive services, both private wings offer personalised check-in, business centres, lounges, the latest in office support systems and other superior amenities backed by high efficiency and deep understanding of hospitality.

Right: The bronze sculpture of Ashoka, the greatest Mauryan Emperor reflecting on the grief of war.

Like our fabulous stay at ITC Mughal in Agra and Sheraton Rajputana, an ITC-Welcomgroup Hotel in Jaipur, ITC Maurya epitomises the luxury holiday experience that captures the essence of India. Every detail was meticulously addressed to ensure our comfort and satisfaction of service. In short, we were very well taken care of! The elegantly appointed suite is so spacious and cosy, it just made us feel very relaxed and welcome.

The pro and knowledgeable lady Butler, Pallavi, who had been ensuring a memorable stay for us at ITC Maurya.


The multi-award winning ITC Maurya is the first hotel in Asia to receive the ISO 14001 certification and  the first hotel in the World to receive the LEED EB Platinum rating by the US Green Building Council, as well as the National Tourism Award for ‘Best Eco-Friendly Hotel’ from Ministry of Tourism 2008 – 09 and a list of other prestigious awards.

As part of an environmental friendly hotel chain that achieves major global environmental distinctions, waste water from ITC Maurya get connected to the treatment plant and being treated for horticulture. An expanse of land and the surroundings of the hotel have been “greened” with plants and trees.

The verdant landscape of the hotel grounds.

Dum Pukht

ITC Maurya prides itself with a diverse selection of specialty cuisines that have attracted epicureans from across the globe. While the renowned Bukhara is one of the best in the world, Dum Pukht is the winner of Asia’s first Golden Fork Award and is touted as the first Indian fine dining restaurant that serves the grand cuisine of India.

Chandeliers, exquisite table settings, warm mood lighting, Mughal arches… the interior of Dum Pukht exudes a sense of regal grandeur.

Here at the kitchen of Dum Pukht, the sensual fragrance of spices filled the air. The cuisine of the Nawab of Awadh that dates back 200 years ago is primarily prepared by steaming the ingredients in their own juices in sealed earthenware pots over a slow fire to release maximum flavours.

You should try this unique kabab of finely minced lamb seasoned with cloves and cinnamon flavours and served with a sprinkling of saffron. The minced lamb is done just right; it won’t fall apart even when wrapped around a skewer and char grilled. I was told that in the past, this delicate kabab was thoughtfully prepared for the king who lost his teeth!

The handi is used for cooking food that’s tightly sealed in the heavy-bottomed pot and cooked over a slow fire.

Even the mouth freshener is so elegantly prepared!

My Humble House 寒舍

My Humble House 寒舍 is TungLok Group‘s first artistic restaurant from Singapore and you can also find My Humble House at ITC Maurya in New Delhi.

After a week in India, we definitely missed Chinese food! It was an extremely great experience to dine at My Humble @ ITC Maurya in a classy yet cosy ambience where we relished contemporary Chinese cuisine presented artistically by a team of chefs.

The main dining area overlooking vast greenery.

Eye candy for you. I think the food pics can do the talking by themselves… We miss the food at My Humble House!

And this dish is my favourite. It’s cod fish, crisp on the outside, soft like toufu on the inside. Perfect! *drooling*

The seafood soup with a meaty crab claw that still retained its natural sweetness and firm texture.

ITC Maurya – our (greater than!) five-star stay accompanied by great cuisines in New Delhi.

ITC Maurya, New Delhi

Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi 110 021, India
Tel : (91) (11) 26112233 Fax : (91) (11) 26113333
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