We would always buy “Hiong Piah” () back to Singapore. As I mentioned earlier, “Hiong Piah” is a flaky and crisp biscuit filled of smooth, thick and sticky sugar syrup.

Our favourite “Hiong Piah” is from Yee Hup bakery and we would go to the outlet at No. 32 Lorong Gunong Rapat.

I love to eat the “Hiong Piah” soon after I bought them. The biscuits are still warm and very crispy. A bite at one will send the warm, thick, sticky sugar syrup running down the throat.

Despite that it was Monday afternoon, the first day of workweek after a long weekend, there were many customers in Yee Hup. We even need to take queue number to buy the “Hiong Piah”. Luckily, their service was swift. We bought four packets of ten “Hiong Piah” each and that cost RM4plus per packet.

I like the Old Town Cafe so much that I returned for their food again. It is just a few shops away from Yee Hup.

This time, we had Nasi Lemak, toast bread with half-boiled egg and Iced White Coffee. All the food was nice, except that the cafe didn’t serve dark soya sauce but light soya sauce only. I find it weird to add light soya sauce into half boiled egg.



We drove to Jusco shopping mall and went up to the carpark roof to capture the panorama view of the range of hills surrounding Ipoh city.

The view is awesome. But the sad thing is, many of the limestone hills are being quarried in the ever increasing demand for crushed stone and cement and some of the hills under threat even contain endemic fauna and flora.



We felt like “roasted pigs” for staying too long at the carpark roof.

At 9:30pm, we took Alisan double-decker coach to return back to Singapore. A ticket cost RM120. And we don’t like the driver as he shouted at us to get off the coach, instead of asking so in a nicer manner.