Thursday, 7 Feb 08 (First day of Lunar New Year)

This was the first time we gave out “ang baos” to our younger, unmarried relatives. My single friends have been asking me to give them “ang baos” too! I gave them a No-No, because I want them to get a partner soon and give me “ang baos” during their wedding instead! I told them it’s a “taboo”; if I start giving them “ang baos”, they could be receiving “ang baos” for the next many years! And still remaining singles.

When I was searching for “Doraemon” games online for Grace (8-year-old niece), I came across this international game site with online games from Korea, Japanese, Italian, Myanmar and other countries.
This game site has many girl-games – Dress up games, Make up games and Cooking games. I like the Cooking games – they are cute! The games are mostly in foreign languages so we need to figure out how to play them. Grace and I played the games for the rest of the afternoon.We went to Giant in the late evening with the eldest brother’s family. Bro wanted to buy the Crocs shoes look-alikes for his 13-year-old son, Desmond. Desmond got 7 straight As for his PMR (equivalent to PSLE) and is now in a top boys’ school in Penang. (Of course, the reward for his good results is not these Crocs shoes look-alikes!)

Range of Limestone hills along the roadside near Giant hypermarket.

At night, we went to Xin Dong Qu (区) Kopitiam again for supper. I ordered wonton mee and the stall was always with long queue. I thought it would be nice but it wasn’t that fantastic.

After supper, we bought some DVDs to prepare for our movie marathon!

A neighbour’s house decorated with colourful lightings for Lunar New Year celebration.

Second day of Chinese New Year!