Wednesday, 6 Feb 08

Supposed to wake up early for Dim Sum but slept till noon.

Most hawkers were closed for Chinese New Year eve and many people were doing their last minute shopping at Jusco shopping mall, the nearest mall to our home. I bought two tops from Padini at 50% discount, and gave one to Melissa as it was too small for me.

We had lunch at Kenny Roger restaurant and were quite disappointed with the food and poor service. The vegetable salad was very little – as little as one piece of small leaf being torn into halves! Kenny Roger restaurant in Malaysia should be cheaper than Singapore’s, but with smaller portion of side dishes.

Drove around Ipoh and passed by some cave temples. Surprisingly, we didn’t see any worshipers there. It could be due to Lunar New Year eve and the Chinese were preparing for reunion dinner.cavenantian.jpgcavetemples.jpg

Ipoh is also famous for its pomelo. The flesh of this large fruit is juicy and can taste sour, sweet or bitter. I remembered my first meeting gift from Jacky’s mother were two big pomelos and we had to carry them all the way back to Singapore! We checked out the stretch of shops selling pomelos along Tambun. We used to see young girls standing in front of the pomelo shops to welcome customers, but this time, we only saw older ladies.

The big pomelo statue.

Whenever I am in Malaysia, I will definitely buy cheese cakes from Secret Recipe. They are so much cheaper than Singapore’s outlets! A big and yummy cheese cake in Malaysia’s Secret Recipe costs RM6.30 whereas it costs around S$5 in Singapore. Good buy!


Surprised to see this grocery shop selling big bottles of Diamond water which are filtered from the Diamond water system to walk-in customers. Seemed like the business was quite good.

Free Ad: Bungalow land for sale at RM50 per sqft, Lot size: 8751 sqft. Good Fengshui with “mountain support”, any taker?

The family from Penang finally arrived in the afternoon. My mother-in-law was preparing for reunion dinner. Her maid ran away in January, leaving behind her belongings including passport and stole Melissa’s Nokia handphone. Most handphones in Malaysia are selling a few hundred Ringgits more than the same models in Singapore! We helped Melissa to buy a new Nokia 6500/slide handset in Singapore at S$510 (w/o contract) and a 1GB memory card at S$20. In Malaysia, Nokia 6500 costs RM1700+ and a 1GB memory card can cost RM100+!nokia-6500slide.jpg

Before the reunion dinner, my mother-in-law set up an altar for praying. Desmond’s joss-stick was seen catching a big flame!

Good wishes written in Chinese characters on the candles, before and after the candles were burnt.candles.jpg

We had roast duck, roast pork, lettuces and other vegetables for the reunion dinner, and mostly importantly a family get-together dinner.

This was the first time I prepared “ang baos” (red packets loaded with $$) for the kids. Fireworks were heard and seen everywhere in Ipoh. I could see some fireworks from the room window, but mostly were blocked by trees.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!