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Hype about Ipoh? Food! Again, time for some nourishment!

Try some Malaysia local food at Ipoh stadium food centre. I like Seng Kee’s Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (steamed rice roll). They make the rice roll on the spot when you order it. You can choose to wrap meats like prawns or char siew (BBQ shredded pork) in the steamed rice roll.

Freshly steamed chee cheong fun with soft and silky texture; it melts in your mouth! Prawns are wrapped in this steamed rice roll sprinkled with sesame seeds.

ABC (abbrev. of a Malay name for it) or Ice Kacang is a popular dessert of finely crushed ice topped with sweet corns, grass jelly, chendol, grounded nuts and added with syrups and evaporated milk.

What else? Warm egg tarts. I am always crazy over them.

This dish is mee Jawa or Jawa mee (or Java mee?). It looks like mee Rebus but is less spicy… How to continue blogging when I am hungry now after looking at all these yummies that I once savoured?

This rojak is next to the stall selling Mee Jawa (which is next to Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun). It’s very tasty!

This food centre is near Jusco shopping mall.

Ipoh Wan tan Hor (滑蛋河) is my all time favourite! As mentioned earlier, Ipoh rice noodles melt in your mouth! ^^

I think most of the food stalls at the stadium close by evening. Any recommendation for lip-smacking food in Ipoh or anywhere in Malaysia?

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