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We took a 2-hour coach ride to Hershey, Pennsylvania. As the name “Hershey” suggests, the town is built by Milton S. Hershey, the world famous chocolate maker. He believed that workers who were treated fairly and who lived in a comfortable, pleasant environment would be better workers. Accordingly, he set upon building an infrastructure to take care of the people who were employed by his company, drawing up plans for a model community housing for executives and ordinary workers alike, schools, churches, theme parks, recreational facilities and a trolley system.

World’s largest Hershey bar.

Hershey’s Chocolate World: Admission is free!

Crowd rushing in as soon as Hershey opened for the tour.
kitkat.jpgQueuing up for the tour ride.

Our chocolate tour began in the “tropical rain forest” where cocoa beans grow. We learnt that as the beans are harvested, they are transported across the ocean to America, where they are delivered to THE SWEETEST PLACE ON EARTH —Hershey, Pennsylvania. Then, the cocoa beans continued through a simulated HERSHEY’S Chocolate Factory. We could see, feel, and hear the processes that deliciously transformed the beans into milk chocolate.

We bought a lot of chocolates and candies from the Market Place shop that sells anything and everything HERSHEY’S.

Popular and affordable Hershey’s chocolate gifts for the loved ones.

Corning Museum of Glass!