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We stayed at Michelangelo Campsite , the cheapest stay in our trip, only around 10 per night. per person. There were no light and electricity in the tent, only two single bed. We used our mini torch to shine at our bags to get clothes for bathing. The bathrooms were some distance away from our tent.

As we walked through the campsite to the bathrooms, we passed by a garbage site and saw fireflies! I had never seen fireflies in the wild and seeing such magical insects hovering at the garbage was never a picture formed in my mind when I was reading fairy tales in my childhood!

It was fun at the camp site, though with bare necessities. We picnic in the night at the terrace, overlooking Florence under the dark sky. After picnic, as we were walking back to the tent, all of us suddenly realised that we were only wearing shorts after bathing, and had forgotten that it was night time in the cold! We dashed back to our tents, as fast as we could, all shivering in the cold wind.

In the middle of the night, the cold air crept under my blanket and I woke up trembling. I learnt something – tuck in the blanket under the mattress so that no cold air could invade!

Florence is a great beauty!