We woke up at 4:00am and Jamie drove us to Reagan National Airport for the 6:30am flight. We had to fly back to Orlando International Airport because in our tour package, our last destination was Orlando and the return date was extended but the departing airport remained the same. From Orlando, we flew to Newark Airport again, then to Detroit Airport and crossed the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest ocean, to Narita Airport in Japan. All in all, we took eight flights to and fro between Singapore and the U.S.

At Orlando International Airport – The “Disney Airport”.

Aerial views before landing Narita Airport in Tokyo.narita2.jpgnarita1.jpg

Narita Airport.

We had terrible jet lag for a week after we returned back to Singapore – when it was time to sleep at 12am, I felt so hungry for lunch as I did so in U.S. at 12pm! And in the early afternoon 2pm, I felt so sleepy as I should be sleeping in U.S. at 2am!