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Jaime drove us to Washington D.C again and this time, to visit the National Museum of Natural History where there are dinosaur fossils and many historic. She wasn’t familiar with the direction to the museum. Connor who was also in the car sensed that and asked his mum if she had lost her way. He couldn’t join us for the museum tour as Frank wasn’t free that day and he wanted to capture the excitements of Connor’s first sight at dinosaur exhibits. So we had to tell a little lie to Connor as he kept asking if we were going to see dinosaurs.

nhm2.jpgThe National Museum of Natural History is administered by the Smithsonian Institution and admission is free. The museum’s collections total over 125 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and human cultural artefacts. It is the second most popular of all of the Smithsonian museums and is also home to about 185 professional natural history scientists — the largest group of scientists dedicated to the study of the natural and cultural history in the world.


Human artifacts.

The most interesting exhibit – DINOSAURS!!!

In the popular Dinosaur Exhibit, we saw assembled fossils of dinosaurs from between 144 million and 213 million years ago. Most of the fossils are real and seven actually resulted in the naming of new species. (But we really couldn’t tell which are real or not.)

Apparently, this humongous fish died after swallowing a smaller fish which still remains inside its predator’s stomach.

Hall of Mammals

I wasn’t really into museum stuff that day, so I got a little impatient and we left the museum after a while. We found our way to the nearby Smithsonian Metro station and took the metro to D.C Chinatown which is just a few stations away. The metro station was gloomily dark.

It was evening when we reached Chinatown. There were many Blacks in Chinatown too, all bigger and taller than us. We saw a few restaurants but not sure if the food and price were right for us.

We didn’t wander around much as it was getting late and we felt quite uneasy staying there any longer so we left within 15mins. We took the metro to the station nearest to Jaime’s house and she picked us from there.

Frank bought baseball training equipment for Connor and Connor wanted us to play with him in the backyard. The backyard is very big and each family in the area owns part of the backyard.

Jaime feeding Devin with baby food and he had got his food all around his mouth.

Devin could understand simple Mandarin like “pai pai shou” (clap hands), as Jaime has been speaking Mandarin to him.

Connor couldn’t understand Mandarin and he didn’t want to learn it at his age now. Jaime said it was “too late” to make Connor learn Chinese.
The surrounding of the house.

Houses there have no gates, not like most of our HDB flats where we have our gates securely padlocked most of the time. The family’s door is mostly made of glass and the door key is still intact with the door lock. I was puzzled and asked Frank: “Wasn’t it dangerous that a burglar could just break the glass door and enter the house?” Frank replied that every home could have a gun and the resident has the right to shoot an intruder who enters the house; thus, the chance of someone trying to break into a home would have to think twice of being shot too.

Beautiful flowers and hydrangeas blooming in the summer.

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