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A rich and attractive variety of daisies can be found in Tassie. It’s a tough row to hoe when I’m trying to name the different kind of daisies pictured here. Maybe some don’t even belong to the daisy family at all? Pls name them or correct me if I’m wrong!

Cape daisy. Very pretty purplish flower isn’t it? We saw these charming cape daisies in Stanley, North West of Tasmania.

Pink cape daisy. Even if you hate pink, love it.

Any specific name for this sunny looking flower? I googled and came across these unfamiliar terms like marguerite, ox-eyed daisies, moon daisy, leucanthemum vulgare and chrysanthemum leucanthemum. To make life easier, a layman like me would just refer it as a white daisy!!!

We stumbled upon lots of white daisies while touring around Tassie.

More white daisies at full blast. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not… It certainly takes a very long time plucking the petals off the daisies!

I thought this treasure flower would look prettier if that insect is a bee instead of a housefly. :-P

More wildflowers … blue daisies?

Field marigold.

or simply… yellow flowers!

How about a walk through lavender fields?