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Shanghai (), the Oriental Paris, is the largest commerical and financial centre of China, and the eighth largest city in the world and one of the world’s busiest port. It isn’t an ancient Chinese city with loads of historic temples and ruins to visit; it’s a young new city more akin to Hong Kong.

After a few hours of night flight, straightaway, we visited Chenghuangmiao (城隍庙), a temple in the old city of Shanghai, China. It is a Chinese traditional shopping area and the oldest city area in Shanghai.

The very famous restaurant selling “Xiao Long Bao” (小笼包), a dumpling that contains soup. We had no chance to try this on a tight schedule, as the queue was very long. So, snapped a picture for memory.

This is a beautfiful garden in Chenghuangmiao, with bizzare rocks that are known to be taken from the sea. A garden of the rich.

This dragon only has three toes on a claw, depicting that it’s a non-imperial dragon. The display of five-toes dragons were only restricted to the offices of the Emperor.

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