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The newly crowned Changi Millionaire is Singaporean Mr Peh Hock Peng. The 45-year-old family man bagged S$1 million cash prize, after beating 4 other finalists from Singapore, Australia and China in a suspenseful elimination over four rounds of games.

A Exhilarating Battle of Luck

First round

Daniel Ong and Lin Pei Fen were the hosts of ‘Be a Changi Millionaire‘ grand draw event held at Departure Hall in Changi Airport Terminal 3. For the first non-elimination round, the 5 millionaire finalists had to dress up mannequins. The fastest mannequin dresser would be the first to choose the lucky top hat in the next elimination round.

The male finalists were the last two to finish dressing the mannequins!

Second round

The second round was a crowd-pleaser. 10 hot dancers in sexy outfits took the stage. Each dancer wore a top hat with a star symbol inside. Ms Pan Lizhu, who emerged as the fastest mannequin dresser at the first round, was the first to choose the lucky top hat and she got one with a star. While other finalists who didn’t pick the right hat thought they were out of the game, it was actually non-elimination so all got through to the next round!

Ms Sun was checking if the dancer’s hat had a star.

Elimination round

At the third round, everyone shifted their focus to the life-sized tower of golden ingots. A game of twist, there was only one lucky ingot and Ms Sun Ming found it. As dramatic as it can be, a last-minute decision was introduced – a sudden death round for the 4 remaining finalists. The one who picked the lucky ball would get into the final round and Mr Peh got the winning ticket.

Ms Sun qualified to the final round after picking the lucky ingot marked with a star.

‘Sudden Death’ round: Mr Peh got the lucky ball to get him through to the winning stage.

The Key to the Million Dollar Vault

Here comes the nail-biting moment, the final round to determine the 3rd Changi Millionaire since its debut in 2010. It was down to 2 finalists. Ms Sun and Mr Peh had to spin the wheel for a numbered key to open the door of the same number. Out of the 6 doors, one was the winning door. Everyone watched with bated breath.

Ms Sun was the first to spin the wheel but it wasn’t the right door.

Mr Peh’s first spin led him to unlock the prize vault, instantly making him the Changi Millionaire! Confetti showered down on him as his family joined in the celebration. The newly crowned Changi Millionaire, a business development director of an intellectual property firm, only spent over S$200 worth of cosmetics for his wife at Departure Transit Mall in Terminal 2 while on a business trip.

The Peh family celebrating on the stage.

The smile of a S$1 million cash prize winner.

Mr Peh is the 3rd Changi Millionaire.

All Changi Millionaire finalists are already winners in some way – they received $5000 in cash and a three-night stay at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, with airfare provided for non-Singapore residents.

After watching the exciting grand draw event right in front of the stage, I’ve decided to make more trips to Changi Airport to shop and dine, hoping that I’ll be the next Changi Millionaire. OMG what am I thinking? It must be too good to be true… *dreaming*