Helpling: Book a Cleaner online

Having a part-time cleaner to help out around the house has always been something I’m interested in. I tried asking around my friends to see if they could recommend a good cleaner but there was always some sort of problem – the cleaners were staying too far away (so it wasn’t convenient for them to […]

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Western Australia: Swan Valley (Day 3)

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Breakfast at Swan Valley can be a delightful event, when you visit Taylors Art & Coffee House. This family run café is passionate about food and living. Each Taylor is a talent! And they have decided to chip in their bests into running this quirky café – Design, Art, […]

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Western Australia: Swan Valley (Day 2)

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Second day began with anticipation as our tour organizer Sascha Stones arranged for a Speed Grazing – An experience here in Swan Valley to discover a flavoursome adventure along 32km Food and Wine Trail. Riding on the Taste Bud Tour, we had visited 10 Swan Valley’s most delightful tasting […]

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Western Australia: Swan Valley (Day 1)

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Over the weekend, I was invited by Tourism Western Australia and The City of Swan for an extended long weekend of food, wine and master classes in the Swan Valley.

With just close proximity of a half-hour drive from Perth’s CBD, Swan Valley is an easy gateway to experience locally […]

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Spain (Day 7, 8): Madrid

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continued from Spain (Day 6): Segovia

The final leg of our trip was to Madrid, the capital and largest city of Spain.

Starting off from Plaza Mayor, the central plaza in the city of Madrid today. It was built during Philip III’s reign (1598–1621).

The plaza is bustling with life. Buskers are entertaining, as usual, and tourists stroll […]

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Spain (Day 6): Segovia

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continuing from Spain (Day 5): Salamanca

Segovia is arguably one of the places to visit for your bucket list. In 1985, the old city of Segovia and the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Upon arrival to the city, I have no doubt why Segovia should be fiercely preserved […]

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Don’t Come Home to Dengue

As mentioned in the previous post on Dengue in Singapore, have you been doing the ‘5-step Mozzie Wipeout’ to prevent mosquito breeding at home?

I’m currently following the Stop Dengue Now Facebook page, which is really informative: I get updates on the number of cases in Singapore each week as well as the locations of […]

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Dengue in Singapore

I always wonder why mosquitoes like me, as if my blood tastes sweeter than others. They come after me for a delicious full blood meal while the rest around me remain unscathed. I thought it could just be a matter of time before an infected Aedes mosquito bites me!

A well-fed mozzie struck by my zapper […]

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Spain (Day 5): Salamanca

Words & Photos by Kelly Khong

Continued from Spain (Day 4): Avila

Salamanca is a beautiful city with well preserved historical and monumental legacy. The ancient beauty remains alive in many ways today that it is a living city with many stories to tell. It is recommended to spend at least a day out in Salamanca […]

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InterContinental Hong Kong

Words & Photos by Sharon Tan

Intercontinental Hong Kong perched right on the edge of Kowloon offers magnificent views of the famous Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island.

This 17-storey hotel clad with red granite may not look like much from the outside but step inside and you will be greeted by sweeping harbour views from […]

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