Mr Tio Irvung from Indonesia is newly crowned as the Winner of ‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ 2013, bagging a windfall of S$1,000,000 cash prize, after rounds of heart-stopping, nail-biting elimination process! He beat five other finalists from Singapore, China and Russia and emerged as the fourth Changi Millionaire of the yearly anchor promotion.

Glitter and confetti rained on Mr Tio after he unlocked the prize vault in the final stage as his family joined in the celebration, accompanied by rousing cheers and applause from the crowd at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall.

The Tio family receiving the cash prize of one million dollars from Mr Lee Seow Hiang, Chief Executive Officer of Changi Airport Group.

Did you know Mr Tio also won S$12,000 at Marina Bay Sands Casino just a couple of days ago before the Grand Draw?? He was really very very lucky!!

The 47-year-old Indonesian businessman and his family were in Singapore for holiday last September. On the way back to Jakarta, they shopped at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Transit Mall where he bought S$667 worth of Shiseido skincare products for his wife. This purchase turned out to be the winning ticket to his windfall of one million dollars.

During the interview, Mr Tio said he was still in shock as he didn’t believe he would win the other Singaporean finalist in the last round. He came to the Grand Draw with the mentality of playing games and having a family holiday in Singapore. As for the million-dollar prize, Mr Tio said he would save a big part of it for retirement, take his family to holiday, and plan to make donation to charity.

‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ 2013

‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ 2013 is the fourth, highly successful run of Changi Airport’s largest retail promotion since its launch in 2010. Last year, 2.2 million lucky draw entries from passengers from 210 countries were received for the 2013 Draw and over 410,000 instant prizes were given away in six months.

Before Mr Tio was crowned as Changi Millionaire 2013, three lucky shoppers at Changi Airport had turned overnight millionaires since its launch in 2010: Singaporeans Ivan Rantung (2010) and Peh Hock Peng (2012), as well as Jessica Down (2011) from Australia.

In a battle of luck, no one knows who will be the winner!

The Game

At the Grand Draw, there were four rounds of games. ‘Joy To The Crown‘ was non-elimination, followed by ‘Unlock The Lock‘ which would qualify four finalists to the third round, ‘The Royal Line‘. Finally, only two finalists would continue to ‘Spin To The Throne‘. Popular local celebrities Adrian Pang and Lin Pei Fen hosted the event.

(From Left) Ms Thum Pei Xing (Singapore), Mr Irvung Tio (Indonesia), Mrs Zhang Qing (China), Mr Wan Bao Guo (China), Ms Giam Hui Geok (Singapore) and Mr Valeriy Val’Chun (Russia).

Round 1 – Joy To The Crown

At round 1, Mrs Zhang Qing emerged as the first finalist who managed to trace through the crown-shaped metal frame, without the ring touching it to set off the buzzing sound, in the shortest time. She was given the priority to choose her position in the next eliminating round – ‘Unlock The Lock’.

For ‘Unlock The Lock’, only 4 out of 12 pattern combinations were correct. Being the first to complete the challenge at round 1, Mrs Zhang Qing chose to be the fourth in the line for this round. Unbelievably, the three finalists in front of her picked the right pattern combinations and qualified for round 3! Mr Wan, Ms Thum and Mrs Zhang were all vying for the only correct pattern combination left. A game of twist, Ms Thum unlocked the lock and advanced to the next round.

Mr Wan and Mrs Zhang were eliminated in round 2.

Mr Tio, Ms Giam, Mr Val’Chun and Ms Thum in round 3 – ‘The Royal Line’.

This game requires a bit of strategy. After all, the route to a million-dollar is not so easy! The four finalists would pick a random envelope which contained a matching card with one of the symbols, eg. crown, chest and swords. The first two finalists who managed to form a complete line vertically, horizontally or diagonally would enter into the last round to compete for the grand prize.

Ms Thum and Mr Tio emerged as the remaining two.

The Grand Draw culminated with the final round ‘Spin To The Throne’. Like Wheel of Fortune, one of the six keys would open the million-dollar vault. As simple as it sounds, Mr Tio and Ms Thum didn’t get that golden key after a limited number of attempts! As a result, the two finalists had to resort to the ‘Sudden Death’!

Ms Thum was trying to open the vault with the wrong key.

Mr Tio’s turn to spin the wheel but he didn’t get the right key as well.

The ‘Sudden Death’ would see the winner walking away with one million dollars if he or she picked the golden ball instead of the black ball in the bag.

Ms Thum was the first to pick and she got the black ball.

Mr Tio got the golden ball – the winner!

The other finalists won S$5,000 cash prize and a 3-night stay at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, with airfare provided for non-residents.

Now ask yourself, what would you do with one million dollars?

The fifth instalment of ‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ 2014 will be held later this year. Changi Airport Group will provide more details in the coming months.

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