We backpacked around Europe in May 2003 for about a month. It was Spring, nice weather, less touristy, better rates and longer opening hours for sightseeing. We visited France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.

We flew with Qantas, from Singapore to Paris. The air ticket was really a good bargain in 2003 – S$780 in total, a direct and open-jaw ticket, returning from Rome. We managed to grab this bargain in March, days just before the US-led war on Iraq and when the deadly SARS epidemic started sweeping Asia.

When we were waiting to board our flight, most of the Caucasian passengers who transited in Singapore were wearing face masks. At that time, a total of 201 probable cases of SARS and 722 suspect cases had been reported in Singapore (CDC report). We were pretty worried that we might not be able to enter Paris smoothly.

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