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Kek Lok Si Air Itam

I wish I could stay on for a few more days to explore Kuala Lumpur since I hadn’t been there for years but we had to drive back to Penang island to catch the flight back to Singapore two days later.

Back in Penang, we continued to indulge in more authentic local eats on a […]

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iPhone Cover from Ben & Jerry

Woohoo! I got the iPhone cover from Ben & Jerry today. Won it from an easy-to-win contest run by a lovely Singapore Food Blogger, Catherine from Camemberu. Her latest blog post features my favourite pepper crabs from Eng Seng Restaurant (Singapore)! As suggested, I’m here to show off this strikingly colourful iPhone cover. LOL […]

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My First HTML Website – Strictly NO LOLs

My first HTML website hosted by Geocities is officially shut down by Yahoo today, yet another four days to go before its 10th anniversary!!! Boohoo!!! What a shame! I couldn’t remember when I stopped updating the homepage but it was created on Nov 1999!

Back in the heydays, when there was no Facebook, no Twitter, […]

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Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009

OK, I didn’t win the award. I’m already happy to be nominated as one of the Top 5 finalists for Nuffnang APAC Best Travel Blog Award. I still dunno know who’s so nice to nominate me but I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers […]

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Hopping around KL City

Following my previous entry on KL City sights and food, it was another day for us to see the bustling city and this time, we did it by Putra LRT (Light Rail Transit). It’s convenient and pleasurable to travel around the city by this mode of public transport, especially we don’t need to worry […]

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KL City sights & food

After a night at Genting Highlands, we drove back to Kuala Lumpur (KL) city. Though KL is merely a 30min flight from Singapore, I haven’t been there for many years.  To me, KL is a bustling city with people everywhere, many shopping malls around and traffic jams!

Somehow, as we stepped out of Sungei Wang […]

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Krrunching My Way to APAC Regional Blog Awards – Thank U 4 Ur Votes!

Latest Update on 24 Oct: Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009.

Update: The contest has ended. Results will be announced on 23 Oct 2009. Thank you very much for all your support!
TravelerFolio is honoured to be shortlisted as one of the Top Five Finalists for the BEST TRAVEL BLOG Award Category for the First Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards […]

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15 Best Travel Photo Blogs

Wow! I’m elated when I saw my travel blog on the list of 15 Best Travel Photo Blogs by BootsnAll Travel Network, a travel info site with over 3 millions visitors monthly. Together with other popular travel blogs from around the world, I feel so small on the list! If the list is in […]

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Lantern Festival @Mersing

Wait wait! Before you read on, pls VOTE for TravelerFolio (Best Travel Blog Category) first! 3 more days to go… The voting widget is on the right sidebar, above the Shoutbox. A Big Thank U!

This year’s post on Mid-Autumn Festival: No more pictures of moon cakes; I grew tired of them. They are high […]

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Meet A-Mei & the Browns [3/3]

Starry Starry Night! Got the privilege to snap as much as we like at the media room during F1 Rocks Concert! Few of us waited eagerly for the Pop Diva A-Mit Zhang Hui Mei to walk into the room. As the Diva appeared, she coolly posed before the cameras. She’s just so freaking awesome! […]

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